Natural arthritis and joint pain relief for dogs and cats
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Natural arthritis and joint pain relief
for dogs and cats
Technyflex Canine
"After two knee operations and adjusting to arthritis my activity had reduced significantly. The Mobicosa Gel gives me quick relief, and the Mobicosa capsules have enabled me to return to my hikes of 12kms with very little pain or inflammation."
"We recently 'inherited' an old arthritic, deaf and partially blind abandoned dog. We tried him on Technyflex Canine and the transformation is totally amazing! He is now healthy, bright-eyed and bushy tailed!"
"The Blackcurrant Powder seems to have worked wonders on our blood pressure and blood sugars levels- they are dropping back to normal and our energy levels are great!"
"My horse is completely full of the joys of spring (even though it is winter) and going great guns with the competitive trail riding. I've never had such low heart rates or such quick recovery!"
"I started George on Technyflex when I got home as he was lame and he came sound straight away. Rode him on Wednesday and he felt great."
"My elderly cat was slowing down and no longer jumping up on the bed. Technyflex Feline totally changed my cat around- he is bouncing around just like he used to."
"My horse was rearing and bucking and Trish picked up that she had an ill fitting saddle, sore shoulders and back. I feel totally relieved to know exactly what the issues are with my horse."
"Thermal imaging is the way to go as you can instantly see any problem areas without it being a guessing game. Pretty amazing!"

Technyflex Canine

Technyflex Canine - Premium Arthritis & Joint Supplement for Dogs

Quality Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief Supplement for Dogs

Technyflex® Canine powder is the premier green lipped mussel supplement for arthritis, joint problems or general aging in dogs. It is all natural and has no known side effects.

You know your dog best – have you noticed any of the following?

“Prevention is better than cure”

You and your dog don’t have to accept these conditions of joint discomfort or Arthritis – it’s a condition often associated with ageing, but these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated! Treating your dog with Technyflex®, a high quality natural joint supplement, is known to assist in many ways. Administering prior to the onset of these conditions is also recommended for increased mobility and as a preventative for ageing joints.

Joint Regeneration in Dogs

Joint Regeneration

A key component in rebuilding cartilage and connective tissues are Glucosamines and GAG’s (Glycosaminoglycans/Mucopolysaccharides). GAG’s consist of Glucosamines and Chondroitin Sulphates which provide the necessary building blocks to rebuild cartilage and connective tissues. GAG’s also contribute to the viscosity of synovial fluid, which is well known for the lubrication qualities of the joint. These characteristics also offer protection from free radicals (degrading enzymes) and provide nourishment to the joints. Particularly high levels of Omega 3’s in Green lipped mussels provide superior and safe pain relief and anti-inflammatory action.


Natural Joint Care Supplement
Technyflex® Canine is a musculo-skeletal analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory for the treatment of sore/inflamed joints, lameness, poor movement, arthritis, joint injuries and disorders. It has no known side effects and does not cause issues with the liver, kidneys or stomach like may prescription pain relievers do. It is all natural and has no fillers – it provides strong relief.

Arthritis Treatment
As many dogs do not show signs of arthritic symptoms until their later years, using Technyflex® on a daily basis for maintenance can reduce the onset of these conditions and assist in the prevention of unnecessary wear and tear. Once the dog has arthritis, Technyflex® provides strong and safe pain relief and anti-inflammatory action, relieving the dog’s pain and increasing comfort and activity levels.

Rebuilding Joints
Glycosaminoglycans/Mucopolysaccharides (GAG’s) consist of precursors such as Glucos-amines and Chondroitin Sulphates which are known to provide the necessary building blocks to rebuild cartilage, connective tissues and assists repair to worn/injured joints.

Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief
Technyflex® is a veterinary registered analgesic that has recognised and agreed pain relief properties. Omega-3 inhibits and in effect blocks the inflammation pathways. Anti-inflammatory pain relief treatment of worn joints, joint injuries and disorders without side effects.

High Nutritional Benefits
This product consists of many properties such as GAG’s (Chondroitin Sulphates & Glucos-amine), Omegas, Minerals and Vitamins. This all natural product will provide nutrients to the overall body giving a true sense of well being. Signs of this product taking effect will be noticed in the skin/coat condition of your dog.

The Best for your Dog
You have always wanted the best for your dog, so why don’t you treat your dog to a much more comfortable and happy life with Technyflex®
You won’t believe the difference.

TECHNYFLEX Canine Reviews

Technyflex Canine Arthritis Supplement Testimonials

Paddy – 7 year old dog
Paddy was beginning to show the signs of arthritis. I am very careful with his diet and want to avoid steroids. I decided to try Technyflex® and the results were dramatic. Clearly it helped him more than any supplement had in the past.

He now takes 4 capsules per day and our vet says he looks wonderful – so free in his movement. I hope many others who want to maintain their dogs’ health will give Technyflex® a try.

Max – 17 year old Red Cattle Dog
Late last year I noticed Max was starting to develop quite a bad limp due to arthritis in his front left and rear joints. I started him on Technyflex® Canine capsules. At first there was no dramatic improvement, however around 7-10 days after, I noticed he was not pulling his fur out and he seemed to be able to get up a lot easier.

After two weeks he had noticeably more energy and was actually running alongside the car (something he hadn’t done for four months). His fur had grown back completely and he could get up a lot easier first thing in the mornings. I am certain the Technyflex® Canine capsules have had a positive effect on his general health, energy and mobility.

9 year old Great Dane
I first discovered Technyflex® as a wonderful alternative treatment for my Great Dane. At the time he could no longer take the vet prescribed drugs for arthritis due to their side effects. Technyflex® relieved his pain and had no damaging side effects. I have since given it to my other dogs for inflammatory conditions due to injury as well, and have had the same excellent results.

Technyflex Canine - Joint Pain Supplement for Dogs - Made In NZ

Proven Safe and Natural

Technyflex ® Canine is available in 80 & 240 x 500mg capsules plus 100g & 200g powder tubs.

The Technyflex® brand invests significantly in quality processing. Technyflex® Greenlipped™ Mussels are grown and harvested in NZ registered marine farms. Harvesting and processing of product is crucial to our success. All batches of mussel are tested for high levels of active ingredients, if not high enough we do not use in the production of Technyflex®. This ensures that the quality and efficacy of the product is high.

Technyflex® is registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority giving you reassurance that the product has been independently tested and has proved effective, safe true to label.

Technyflex® is not a synthetic product. It is not a drug. It has no known adverse side effects. This product can be taken in conjunction with other medications, but discuss with your Vet if your dog has an allergy to other products or shellfish. It is advisable not to administer in pregnancy. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist please seek the advise of a qualified practitioner.

Inhibition graph

Anti-Inflammatory properties
This Study was completed in vitro and conducted at the Bio-Investigation Group, Wellington School of Medicine and Health Science, University of Otago. The test procedure was conducted in accordance with the Bio Activity Investigations Group method, to determine the anti-inflammatory properties of each product.

By utilising the safe and beneficial COX-1 pathway, Omega-3 (ETA, EPA & DHA) are known to inhibit and in effect block the inflammation pathways known as COX-2 and LIPOX-5 without negative side effects.

Inhibition graph - Technyflex Canine - Natural Arthritis Remedy For Dogs

High Nutritional Benefits

Dosage Instructions

Technyflex® is administered in the dogs food. Either sprinkle the powder over their food and mix in, or hide the capsules in food.
Loading dose: For best results, administer double the maintenance dose for the first 10 days. Maintenance dose: See label for dosage, or click here for the dosage guide.
It is important to keep your dog on Technyflex® continuously for best effect. However the dose can be varied as required. For instance slightly more in winter and less in summer. More for a couple of days if the dog has exercised hard and then return to the maintenance dose.


Typical Analysis per 2g:
Energy 31KJ, Crude Protein 1.05g, Total fats 218mg, Ash 0.32g, Total carbohydrates: 306mg, Moisture 0.10g

Total Essential fatty acids:
Total Omega 3: 36.3mg (EPA 17.7mg, DHA 10.9mg, ETA 2.0mg, aLA 4.2mg)

Boron 32ug, Calcium 19.4mg, Copper 9.2ug, Chromium 4ug, Iodine 27ug, Iron 0.92mg, Manganese 30ug, Magnesium 9mg, Potassium 22mg, Phosphorus 19.8mg, Sodium 70mg, Sulphur 36mg, Selenium >2ug, Taurine 58mg, Zinc 1.26mg

Presenting Vitamins: A, D, E, B2, B3, B6, B12 and Vit C. Vitamins per 100g: B2 1.51mg, Vit B6 4.67mg, Vit B3 5.31mg, Vit C 8.62mg

Glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s)/Mucopolysaccharides:
GAG’s 11-15% prominently Chondroitin Sulphate, with proteoglycans up to 30%

Manufactured by:
NHNZ 2002 Ltd, PO Box 1226, Nelson, New Zealand.
MPI Registered Exporters. Technyflex® and trademarks used under licence to NHNZ 2002 Ltd.

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