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Technyflex – Grace

We have a 13 ½ year old English pointer who has had joint issues these past few years, she also suffers spondylosis of her spine . This has severely limited her mobility.

A friend recommended we try Technyflex as the pain relief medication was hard on her stomach.

Grace has now been taking this supplement for past 24 months and is now able to be significantly more mobile without the need for prescription medications except in rare circumstances.



Technyflex – Molly

We rescued Molly when she was 8 – she was quite overweight and had severe arthritis.  After trying several different products we found Technyflex Canine.  She is now 11 and been on Technyflex for 2 years. The product has given her so much more strength and movement in her hind quarters which in turn has enabled us to exercise her down 7kg in weight.  When we first got her she could not cope with much exercise at all.  The vet is amazed at her condition and she no longer needs pain medication even in the cold winter months which were tough on her in the beginning.  Love the product and have now started my 3 year old lab on a low dosage too just because we can. 😊  Highly recommended.


Jackie Baker

Jackie Baker and Molly

Technyflex – Razzie

My teddy bear Razzles is now 10 years old – I noticed he has been slowing down a bit over the past couple of years – not playing as much with his friends at the park – but it was when I was on leave recently and walking him daily (otherwise he goes to doggy daycare) that I noticed he was reluctant to get into the car and walking very slowly.  Daycare recommended a green lip mussel powder … He has been on Technyflex for just over a week and it’s like I have a different dog – he’s leaping into the car and hooning around on the back lawn like he did when he was a puppy.  It’s so wonderful to see him like this after such a very short time – his coat is also softer and he’s just so much happier (as is his Mum) … thank you so much.

Carla and Razzie

Technyflex – Summer

Just wanted to let you know your product is amazing, both my husband and my dog use it and it has improved their lives 20 fold.

Chloe McCurran and Summer

Technyflex – Honey

And yes it’s great, Honey has been so much better since starting these tablets. I had been thinking about putting her on arthritis meds as she was getting very sore but she has been pain-free and extra active since we started with these, so I highly recommend your product to everyone I come across.

Michelle Stone and Honey

Technyflex – Dougal

Thanks Patricia, they arrived at 8am with courier. Marvellous service, and even a home compostable bag. I’m impressed!  They’ve made such a difference to Doug’s mobility, after the vet said he’d just get stiffer. Now he’s tearing about chasing sticks again.


Susan Jackson and Dougal


The human product (Mobicosa) is amazing. I get out of bed in the morning and now don’t feel like I’m walking on glass. My knees feel brilliant and I’m riding plenty of horses at the moment, so it’s been a great test

Linda Wheeler

Technyflex – Minka

This is my gorgeous Minka who is 21 years old. I have had the pleasure of his company since I found him at approximately 6 weeks old. He was getting a monthly injection from the vet to help his joints. I can’t recall the product. Three months ago due to Covid-19 lockdown, I started Minka on Technyflex Feline Powder. He had obvious restrictions with his movement when walking. I could feel his pain. Each step was an effort. It was if he had to plonk his feet down. I swear four days into his new treatment Minka’s improvement in mobility and his fluid forward motion was astounding.  Minka moves so easily and cruises up and down the internal stairs. The visual improvement in Minka is just awesome. I recommended this product to anyone who has pets with joint and mobility issues. It will ease their pain and improve their quality of life. My regret is I did not find it earlier. But now he is taking Technyflex and that’s all that matters.

Donna King and Minka

Technyflex – Tess and Spike – Bandits

We are having renovations done at the moment and the builder forgot about our sneaky cheeky duo! As my husband returns home, Spike the golden Visla cross bounces down to the car carrying what’s left of Tess’ NEW canine supplement Technyflex! Happy to announce that he and Tess enjoyed a free picnic on 3 months’ supply of fish oil capsules and about 150 capsules of Technyflex!

Needless to say both dogs will be feeling very supple. Good news is neither dog suffered an upset tummy as I warned the builder he would be cleaning it up!

Very impressed with the Technyflex and hope to see the same results in Tess our 11 year old running dog as we have in Cyrus our old goat.

Angela Valentine and Tess

Technyflex – Bindy – French Bulldog 5 years old

We have been using Technyflex for the past year and have received great results!

Bindy became very lame in her legs after going on her walks, which then meant she would have to take a few days rest before then having the same issue.

We have always purchased high quality “Joint” pet food and still saw no results, spending hundreds of dollars testing different types of food with nothing changing.

We then started Bindy on Technyflex and noticed the results immediately! It was seriously like magic. It has saved us money in vet bills and also food costs due to not having to purchase expensive joint food.

I highly recommend this product and will continue to use Technyflex.

Kind Regards    Kristal Jenkins

Kristal Jenkins and Bindy