Technyflex Feline for Cats 80 capsules

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Technyflex Feline capsules are added to the food to ease symptoms of arthritis. It is an all natural anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Most cat owners sprinkle the contents of the capsule on the food.



Technyflex Feline is the only veterinary registered joint supplement for cats that provides pain relief and anti-inflammatory action for arthritis. Cats are naturally very sensitive to many commercial pain relievers and owners are limited in their choices to enhance their pets’ comfort. Made with premium NZ green lipped mussel powder, this product works exceptionally well on cats that are slowing down, reluctant to jump or showing signs of joint pain or age. We recommend opening the capsules and sprinkle the powder on food. Most cats readily eat the powder. Dosing with whole capsules is only suggested in extreme cases.

80 x 500mg capsules

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Dosage guide

Start your cat on a loading dose of double the normal dose for 14 days depending on the condition. Then gradually reduce the normal dose, unless symptoms return.
Technyflex needs to be taken daily to maintain results.

Normal dose

Cat weight Daily dose
1 – 10 kg 1 capsule daily
11+kg 2 capsules daily

Higher doses may be required for heavy breeds or severe joint disease. The dose can also be temporarily increased during cold weather or strenuous exercise to ease symptoms.

Technyflex is dose related. Generally, the more you give the stronger the effect, so vary the dose until the desired effect of dog comfort is reached.
Technyflex is fully registered as a veterinary medicine.

  • Do not take if allergic to shellfish
  • Safety in pregnancy has not been established
  • Capsule contains .5gm of powder

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