Mobicosa® 240 x 500mg capsules

NZD $89.50

Mobicosa® Capsules for people, are a 100% natural arthritis and joint pain reliever and natural anti-inflammatory treatment for arthritis and joint pain. Mobicosa is made from 100% green lipped mussel from the Marlborough Sounds NZ.


Mobicosa capsules have improved the health and well being of thousands of people over more than 16 years. It is a natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory product without the side effects commonly seen with NSAIDS such. If you have any joint pain, stiffness or lack of mobility this product may well help you. It is 100% natural and is all NZ green lipped mussel. The product is not diluted with other ingredients whose efficacy is unproved. Our customers tend to experience reduced pain and joint swelling within days and report continued improvement over months. With the reduction in pain comes improvements in well being, comfort and activity. Get your life back, try Mobicosa.

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Dosage Guide

Loading Dose for the first 10 days:

4-6 capsules per day

Maintenance Dose:

2-3 capsules per day

  • Capsules should be taken with food
  • The daily dose can be divided into two doses – morning and night if preferred
  • Derived from seafood
  • Do not use if you have a seafood allergy
  • Safety during pregnancy has not been established
  • Effect is dose dependant, the more that is taken the greater the effect

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